Fortnite Android: All information and how to play the beta

As a Fortnite fan with an Android phone, it hasn’t been easy lately. While iOS users have been doing their rounds in the mobile version since March this year, nothing has happened with Google’s operating system for a long time. This has changed in the meantime: Since August 9th, Fortnite is finally available for Android – but with a huge but. The release is not the full version of the Battle Royale shooter, but only a beta with very limited seats.

While owners of a Samsung smartphone or tablet were able to get started earlier and without participating in the lottery due to an exclusive deal, all others first have to register for the test phase.

Unfortunately, not every interested player is lucky enough to actually get a code. And even if this is the case, you may have to sign up for another waiting list in the actual game.

Something special

Fortnite Mobile’s distribution channel is also a special one. For example, the game is not distributed regularly via Google Play Store. Instead, you will need to download it from the developer’s website and install the APK file manually. And as if that weren’t enough, fraudsters extensively overrun the Internet with fake APKs that contain malware and malware.

You see: As an Android user and Fortnite fan it is not easy at the moment. That’s why we’ve summarized everything there is to know in this article. You won’t know which smartphones are supported, why Epic is avoiding the Play Store, what the Samsung deal is all about, and much more.

Waiting list despite invitation and code: What’s going on?

Actually, everything could be that simple: download the game and start playing. In fact, playing Fortnite Android is extremely cumbersome.

The original trial version was initially released on August 9 exclusively for Samsung devices, while owners of other smartphones had to wait two days longer. Since then, Epic Games has sent out the first big wave of invitations to all who have registered for the beta.

The developers have clearly communicated from the outset that the number of participants is limited and not everyone would receive a code. But whoever finds a message from Epic in their inbox is only a few clicks and a download away from the Battle Royale party – at least that was the current assumption. As it turns out, however, this is by no means the case: numerous players report having received feedback from the studio. You could have downloaded the almost 4 MB large Fortnite installer and via it, finally, the actual game, which brings just under 1.8 GB to the data scale.

After the game started, however, many players were welcomed with the unpleasant hint of signing up for another waiting list. How long it takes to actually play can vary enormously. You see: It takes a lot of luck to be able to play the mobile Fortnite.

Launch Samsung Game Launcher and get Galaxy skin with Tab S4 or Note 9

As the owner of a Samsung device, you have several advantages. First, you were able to play Fortnite Android two days before everyone else and you don’t have to sign up for the beta. Instead you have guaranteed and instant access to the Comic-Ballerbude.

Before that happens, however, you must activate the Samsung Game Launcher, otherwise you will not be able to start the Shooter. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the menu of your smartphone.
  • Selects Settings.
  • Here you can tap on Advanced functions.
  • Almost done: After selecting games you can finally activate Game Launcher.

You will need to download the Fortnite app itself via the Galaxy apps, as it does not appear in Play Store for the reasons described above.

But the most serious advantage for many fans is probably the exclusive Galaxy skin. This unusual outfit is only available if you own a Samsung Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4. If you play on such a device, the costume will appear as a free item in the Fortnite Shop.

When is the full version release and why does Fortnite not appear on Google Play Store?

Even if Fortnite Android (at least for a few) is finally playable, it is still in the stars when the full version will be released regularly. Even if it should be so far, however, no usual Android release expects us. Other than usual, you won’t be able to download the game from Google Play Store. Instead, Epic announced that the APK file would only be available for download from its own website.

Once you have sucked it onto your mobile phone, it starts a launcher that downloads the actual shooter.

For our English friends at studio boss Tim Sweeney primarily gave two reasons for this very unusual decision. On the one hand, they want to work closer to the community and avoid intermediaries like Google in this case. Another detail, however, should not have been underestimated: All developers who publish an app on Play Store must pay 30 percent of their revenue to Google. By distributing Epic Games on its own website, Epic Games avoids this mandatory levy. Because Fortnite is a free-to-play-based game and the iOS version alone has generated $100 million in revenue in three months, we’re talking about dizzying sums.

This decision may be understandable, but the studio falls it a bit on the back of its players. To install an app on an Android smartphone that has not been downloaded from the Play Store, users are forced to deactivate their phone’s security barriers, which opens the door to potential malware. But of course, shortly after the release, a huge security gap in the game was discovered – by Google of all people. The company published the find unusually quickly, forcing Epic Games to trade. For this approach, the Fortnite developer again harshly criticized the search engine giant. Currently, there is a lot of air between the two billion-dollar companies.

However, a lot of current news suggests that we will have to wait a while before the comic shooter can be downloaded from Epic’s website without beta, waiting list and so on. The developers have already addressed problems with smartphones that have only 4 GB of RAM. On such models, the game so far resembles a slide show – even and especially when several background applications are open. There were also technical incidents with the Android version of Fortnite Update 5.21. So there is still a lot to do before the full version can be released.

aaand drop off!

Fortnite Android: APK Download – Beware of scammers on YouTube!

With blatant audacity, scammers and charlatans enter the vacuum that Epic Games has left with its taciturnity for a long time. Even now, although the official APK download of the developers already exists, people with criminal energy are literally flooding the net with fake APKs and downloads of the Android version.

The problem: Over the past weeks and months, such rip-offs have worked enormously on their scams. Until recently, fakes were quickly recognized as such, but now many counterfeits have reached such a high degree of professionalization that you have to look twice to uncover them. Remember: Wait until Epic Games officially releases the game and download it only from Google Play Store! Keep your hands off any semisilk offers and suspicious websites.

Fake emails with links to download Fortnite Android

Until recently, this stitch was one of the most common. In fictitious mails, whose design is often consciously based on the official Epic Games news, you should be lured to a website with the alleged download of the app. If you surf them or even download something there, you usually start using nasty malware. You can recognize authentic Epic messages by the “” or “” sender, for example.
Youtube videos promising to download the game

Especially in the last few weeks there has been a rapid increase in fraudulent YouTube videos where you seem to find a link to download Fortnite Android. Such clips are always dangerous; in the “best” case they are just clumsy clickbait, in the worst case you catch malware and similar malware after clicking on the advertised link. The problem: Youtube’s algorithm washes these videos to the surface of the video platform with frightening reliability, so that the call numbers of such fakes sometimes go into the millions. The trick works, so be careful and don’t click on such videos – no matter how promising and pseudo-serious their titles may be.

There’s only one thing to do in the end: wait until you’ve received an official invitation from Epic Games.

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