Fortnite: Are private servers coming? Epic Games must have said so

Are the private servers coming for Fortnite? This question has been asked by many players since a developer blog on upcoming updates, because the “Playground” mode was announced there. Now an employee of Epic Games broke his silence and spoke about private servers for Fortnite.

The rumour mill is boiling when the topics Fortnite and private servers come up. According to the game magazine “Dexerto”, an alleged Epic Games employee confirmed in an answer to a user question on Reddit that Epic Games is still working on “Playground Mode”. In this mode players should be able to train or start private rounds.

fortnite private servers

This was indicated in the blog entry as “in progress”, whereupon many players had looked forward to a publication on 25 May and 5 June. However, on both update dates there was no “playground mode” on the servers and thus no possibility to start private rounds of “Fortnite: Battle Royale”.

According to Dexerto, a word is also said to have been lost on the subject of “private servers”. The employee therefore probably denied the rumours that there will be private servers, since this is probably not possible thanks to some game mechanisms. It should also be noted that the information is a rumour. Also the account and the Reddit contributions have been deleted in the meantime.

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