Fortnite: With update 5.4 the storm gets more dangerous and a weapon gets kicked out

At Fortnite, developers have already revealed what’s in the next patch 5.4. He will probably come on Tuesday and is supposed to make the endgame more exciting. A Dev update from Epic gives us a foretaste of the patch notes.

Mostly we at Fortnite enter the patch week relatively unsuspectingly. This time Epic tells us exactly what will happen in the update 5.4.

Storm Borders damages player buildings: The biggest change in the next patch will be that the edges of the storm are already working into the end zone and destroying players’ buildings there. I don’t want that to happen until the end of every match.

Epic says this only affects the 10% of Fortnite games that last until the last storm phase.

What’s behind all this? Good players often deliver a “build-off” at the end of a match in the tightest of spaces, with both pulling up huge buildings to outdo the other. This should be even more chaotic now.

As Epic demonstrates, the buildings collapse in the tightest circle and the “build-offs” get a new twist from the outside.

A weapon will leave the game

Revolver is(soon) gone: Epic will take the revolver out of play with the next patch. Maybe he’ll come back in a different form. But for now, he’s gone.

Epic does this to keep Fortnite alive. It is announced that with Season 6 further items will disappear for the time being.

Revolvers basically do the same thing as hand cannons – perhaps that’s why they have become dispensable:

New item coming: With patch 5.4.0 Epic introduces a new “motion item“. What exactly this is, however, is not yet revealed. The last movement items were the portable pocket rifts. Before that there were jet packs or bounce pads.

What else happens?

  • In the future you will find two boogie bombs, instead of only one as before
  • You can carry the same shield with you three times instead of just two as before
  • Remote ignition charges are becoming rarer – previously “rare” (blue), now it will be epic (purple)

When will the update be released? We don’t know an exact date for the new patch yet. The most likely date is Tuesday, September 4th.

However, the patch may also be released on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday next week. This has all happened before.

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