Waiting for Arx Fatalis 2 :/

Arx Fatalis from Arkane Studios is still one of my favorite RPGs and was way ahead of its time – probably one of the reasons why the game flopped back then, at least in terms of sales. However, this dark role-playing game is such an enrichment for me as a gamer that I still long for a successor. Unfortunately, the Arkane Studios are very reserved in this regard and tend to keep quiet, although in principle nothing stands in the way of a successor – except the fear of developers and possible publishers to have to cope with another failure.

But this is exactly the wrong attitude, because innovation is what we need and want in the gaming landscape. And thanks to crowdfunding, the possibilities for financing have become much more extensive, even perfect for such projects. A certain amount of preparatory work, presentable material with a well thought-out concept, a reasonable presentation and a few striking promotions and a campaign to finance Arx Fatalis 2 on Kickstarter would probably be a great success. Why wouldn’t I be?

But at first they prefer to rely on the financially more successful horses in the stable – Dishonored 2 is worked hard and in the past they had created some DLCs for the first part of the series (for example The Knife of Dunwall). That’s quite nice, because Dishonored was perhaps no Arx Fatalis for me, but convinced with coherent gameplay, great ideas and an interesting world – today almost rarely in a video game – unfortunately.

But still I would be extremely excited to hear about Arx Fatalis 2 in the future, the resources and skills are in any case given in the French game forge and also the community would certainly be ready for such an RPG.

And if you’re afraid of financial loss, why not use the power of the community? At least in this case I would blindly invest in the project because I love the whole concept and the idea behind the game including its gameplay elements.


I will try to get an actual statement of Arkane Studios about a possible Arx Fatalis 2 and hope for a positive answer, even if I hardly expect it. Unfortunately it doesn’t look so tingling at the moment, because apart from a few mods like Arx – End Of Sun or Arx Libertatis there are hardly any significant outpourings of the community. Not surprisingly, the possibilities of modding were made possible much too late by the release of the source code.

Maybe we really need a fan project, which is dedicated to the setting of the game and created an unofficial successor, which fans will first feed me to play and finally awaken the Arkane Studios from their hibernation towards this title.

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